Refund Policy

It is the intent of EGA to take each tournament to its final conclusion. We may modify the tournament in order to reach a conclusion. Modification may include, but not limited to, reducing the total number of games, reducing the total prize pool based on the entries. However, due to circumstance beyond our control, either man-made or act of God, a tournament may have to be shortened, postponed or cancelled. in this case full refund will be alloted to each player.

A game could get terminated from the user side due to inconsistency in internet connection, internet service outage, power outage, adware or malware attack, system viruses, system malfunction, any natural disasters or any other failure which is beyond our control – in all such cases of cancellation of the game, EGA will not be held responsible.

It is hereby understood that you have read these terms and continuing to use our services means you acknowledge and approve the same and you also acknowledge that EGA Entertainment will not be held responsible for any such cause of cancellation of the game and the losses incurred if any due to such a cancellation of the game.

In the event a tournament must be cancelled or rescheduled and a team or a single player cannot attend, we will follow the refund policy.

Third-party Gateway

All financial transactions to make a deposit into your account on EGA, using any financial instrument like credit card, debit card, cash card or any other bank cards are made through third-party payment gateways. The third party payment gateway is responsible to accept or deny such a transaction's and all such transactions made by you will be subject to the terms and condition of the third-party payment gateway and EGA will not be held responsible for any such denial by the third party.

Discontinuation of Promotional Offers, Giveaways and free to enter matches

EGA Entertainment reserves the right to terminate or discontinue Tournaments, games, giveaways, rewards without prior notice. In case of any such termination, discontinuation or cancelation, EGA will not be held liable, except for the entry fee for any such event as and when applicable.

Cancellation of a entered game

User can request cancellation for a particular joined game before the tournament begins. once the game started cancellation requested will be treated as voilation of the fair play policy and action can be taken to protect fraud by terminating the account. in the case where a match hasn't been started yet, user will get full refund in his in app wallet.

Discontinuation of the Use of Service

In case you wish to voluntarily discontinue the use of the services provided by EGA, you need to either send us an email at mentioning in clear terms your intention to terminate your account and the reason if any or you can delete your account from the account settings inside the EGA application. EGA Entertainment after due evaluation of your account will refund the entire wallet amount, deducting the applicable levy and taxes if any to your preferred payment method.