What we do.

EGA lets you participate into tournaments of game's such as PUBG, CSGO, FORTNITE, DOTA, LOL, FIFA, Also many multiplayer Mobile games such as LUDO KING, 8 BALL POOL and many more. EGA let's you participate in tournaments running everyday with some good cash rewards and exciting gaming item rewards. There will be tournaments with and without entry fees. EGA lets you showcase your gaming skills and reward you accordingly. Huge cash rewards daily.

Our Mission.

The obvious objective of any video games is to entertain people by surprising them with new experiences. Gaming gives us a chance to just let go, blow somebody up and fight somebody from another dimension. Its all escapism! e-sports or competitive gaming tournaments are played across various platforms such as PC, Mobile and Console. Our portal is going to launch later next month with an idea of bringing the tournaments experience online & with a vision to reach to every gamer in India. We believe every gamer should have the ability to become a better gamer while being rewarded for their skills.

EGA Entertainment


Our Values

"You don't lose here, you learn here!" We believe each gamer should have the ability to become better while being rewarded for their skill. That is why we are changing the esports industry and giving everybody a chance to go pro. EGA is a growing group of passionate gamers, geeks, marketers, designers, streamers, engineers, and community builders, all on a mission to bridge the gap of amateurs and pros while evolving competitive gaming as we know it with innovative technology. And in bonus a store full of accessories lined up for gamers to buy best peripherals such as gaming mouse, keyboards, computer parts, e-sports Jersey's, gaming T-shirts and a lot more! With exciting giveaways every week we'll be creating the best entertainment e-sports portal for every gamer out there.

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